A Very Hilly Morning and A PB&J How To

Good Morning!!

I’m SO happy it’s thursday – last day of classes for the week. The only downside, I’m in class pretty much ALL day until 6:15pmboo! 

This morning was like all the others in the sense that I was up bright and early to get a workout in before my day started. On the agenda for today was a 5 mile training run and some strength training.

Now that it is getting close to graduation and I will be heading home for good in a couple months, I thought I should start including hill work in my training plan since my town is more hilly than I thought! (Check out last week’s posts .. click hereclick here) I can’t wait to get home to be able to run outside, but I definitely need to work up my endurance for hilly runs.

I figured this morning was as perfect time as any to start! I did some speed work on tuesday – which actually showed me that I am a bit faster than I thought – and planned hills for today.

So, I had a light pre-workout snack, laced up my NEW sneaks (my sauconys just weren’t cutting it anymore – they were tearing up my feet – ow!) and headed to the gym.

[It's amazing what a difference the right shoe can make - I have always been an asics junkie since I could remember and never had an issue with them - when I started all this running, I needed new shoes, so I decided to go get fitted and try out a new brand - in the beginning I would get blisters but just thought that was normal for new shoes. Well, these blisters kept occuring and reoccuring to the point where they just really hurt; so I headed back to the store to get refitted - lo and behold, the person who fitted me first led me in the wrong direction (go figure). This time, the young man recommended a pair of brooks and these asics for me. Knowing that I already loved my old asics, I went with them again this time - definitely the best choice I've made so far!]

Aren’t they pretty?! Asics Gel Nimbus 13 = LOVE – I feel the difference already!

My 5 mile hill run consisted of:

0.5 mi – 1.0 incline warm-up
0.3 mi - 5.0 incline @ 6.7
0.2 mi – 1.0 incline @ 7.1
0.5 mi – 1.0 incline @ 6.3-6.5 (depending on how I felt)
0.3 mi – 5.0 incline @ 6.7
0.2 mi – 1.0 incline @ 7.2
0.5 mi – 1.0 incline @ 6.3-6.5 (depending on how I felt)
0.3 mi – 5.0 incline @ 6.7
0.2 mi – 1.0 incline @ 7.3
0.5 mi – 1.0 incline @ 6.3-6.5 (depending on how I felt)
0.3 mi – 5.0 incline @ 6.7
0.2 mi – 1.0 incline @ 7.4
1.0 mi – 1.0 incline cool down @ 6.3

I completed it in ~ 45:40.

This workout KICKED my butt – it probably didn’t help that the gym was super humid! It ended up being a great intro. hill workout out for me. It was very challenging and half way through I was thinking to myself “ARE YOU NUTS?! Why are you doing hills? You HATE hills!” I, then, changed my mind set and pushed through by saying to myself – “Come on. You can do it! Just a little bit longer.” Once I finished, I felt awesome (and worked)! Stretched out a bit then headed downstairs for strength work.

Post-workout I enjoyed another homemade smoothie - best way to use up left over raw greens and ripe fruit! Along side I had a 1/2 of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!! I LOVE PB&J;always have and always will. It was a staple for me for lunch time when I was younger – my mom made the BEST PB&J; sandwiches. When I was growing up, she would teach me her method - which is the BEST and ONLY way to make an AMAZING PB&J; sandwich.

Now that I’m older, I think I have mastered her technique ;)

It looks and goes something like this…

First, take out all your ingredients – aka. your PB,  jelly/jam, and bread
(I used Costco brand all natural PB, Trader Joe’s all natural strawberry jelly, and Trader Joe’s 100% whole wheat fiber bread – I only used 1 piece since I was also having the smoothie)

Then, spread your PB on 1 side of the bread and the jelly on the other – making sure to cover the whole surface EVENLY – this is VERY important when making the BEST EVER PB&J;.
(ps. NEVER and I repeat NEVER place the PB smeared knife in the jelly or vice versa – GROSS – a huge pet peeve of mine!)

Look at that – I’m making my mom’s best pb&j; and its (not intentionally) on the mother/daughter plates she gave me 

Place the jelly side on top of the PB side like so..

Cut in half (this is optional, but I love when my PB&J; is in little squares – I can remember when I would open my lunch as a kid and be kind of upset whenever my mom forgot to cut it in to 4 squares – then I upgraded to the diagonal cut like a big girl ;) )
Now, you can either enjoy it or wrap it up for on-the-go like I did.
My mom seriously knows how to make the BEST PB&J; and I am so lucky I learned how ;) Whenever someone asks me to make them a PB&J; and I do, they almost ALWAYS tell me that I make the best ones – my response is always .. “Thanks! My mom taught me well!” :) 
This being in my bag for after my workout may or may not have gotten me through that run as well – hehe ;)
What can I say, I love me some PB&J; (or anything with PB for that matter!)
After the gym, I headed to my first class of the day – ADVANCED NUTRITION! – the only class I like today – ha! I have a short break until my next wave of classes begin, so I enjoyed a simple snack of yogurt, fruit and granola since I know I have a long while until I can have lunch.
Now, I know in the past I have said that I am not a fan of flavored yogurt (I would much rather make my own FOB – as you’ll see in a later post), but it is a quick grab-n-go option when your crunched for time. 
I am starting to really love this Stonyfield Oikos greek yogurt. Their vanilla brand is really tasty and the sugar content isn’t as outrageous as other brands (part of the reason why I picked this flavored brand until I tasted it ;) ) I’m still all about my plain with fresh fruit, but when I need something quick, I’ll settle for this! 
Well, I’m off to class! At least I have this to look forward to for lunch ;)…
A roasted chicken breast sandwich (left over from sunday’s batch for the enchiladas) on Trader Joe’s 100% whole wheat fiber bread with baby spinach, tomato, avocado, and … my favorite … NANA’s ROASTED JALAPENO PEPPERSsuper win!!! (Mommy had some more in the freezer from the last time she visited nana :) ) YUMMY!
Can you tell I’m a huge {whole} foodie?! haha – o well ;)
Have an awesome thursday!
~ L

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