Quick and Easy Three Miler

Hello All!

Ever have those nights where your sitting on the couch with your best friend and suddenly get the urge that you want to bake? Well, that exact feeling struck me and Gee last night after dinner. However, we didn’t know what we wanted to make since all the baking things I had would require a recipe from scratch. So, we decided to look around to see what I had and just started formulating our own random recipe with no direction at all.

So we raided my shelves and fridge and got to baking ..

… half way through we decided to make what ever this was going to be SUPER chocolatey …

While Gee did the dry ingredients I measure the wet .. including the strawberries that Gee wanted to include – there’s a first time for everything! (not going to lie, I was a little nervous about this addition because I have never used strawberries in baking before)

Once we combined the wet and dry, I added in some 60% dark chocolate chips as you can see in this VERY unattractive photo – o well!

As we prepared this for the oven, Gee and I decided they looked like they were going to be something along the lines of brownies…

While it baked, Gee got ready for her sorority meaning and I got stuck with these … obv …

Note to self: Clean up ALONG the way rather than waiting until the end …

15 minutes later …

Our “brownies” were finished and smelled A-MAZ-ING! (notice the little piece missing? – yea, you have to sample! duh! but next time I’ll wait till they cool a bit more – hehe!)

They look huge! But, they were really yummy and moist and chocolatey! Since they were very chocolately and decadent, we decided that they should be cut much smaller and could serve 24 rather than 12 since they are dessert-y after all.

We didn’t know what it was going to end up being, but we decided to just let it show us once it came out of the oven – boy did it prove us wrong! Who knew you could make up a yummy recipe on a whim with absolutely no direction at all. Definitely not something that happens often!

It was an awesomely, fun experience and a great way to destress after a very long thursday!


This morning I ran a quick three miles! It’s amazing how fast time goes by when only running three miles. Since I have been training and running many longer runs, tackling this easy three miler this morning wasn’t too bad.

Since I’m at school, I headed to the gym bright and early to get the run out of the way. I am starting to add a 4th day of running to my training as my milage increases, so today was not my normal rest day. This weeks runs consisted of a 6 mile tempo run (click here for post) [wondering what a tempo run is? check it out] and a 3 mile hilly interval run (click here for post). Therefore, on the agenda for today’s additional run was a nice, easy run – and that I did! At about a 9:00 pace, I ran it in ~ 27 minutes – surprisingly my legs felt good! I’ll let ya know how they’re doing after tomorrow’s 12 miler – ha!

Post-run I was able to head back home fore some breakfast since I don’t have classes today! You can bet your bottom dollar that I took advantage of this and prepared a yummy, scrumptious, filling breakfast for myself ;)

Some Banana “Cheesecake” Oat Bran (with some PB2 mixed in) topped with some peanut butter, berries, and seeds. YUM!

After some cleaning and a quick shower, it was time to head to the library for a group meeting and to get some studying done. I packed myself a nice snack to munch on.

Some Heritage O’s with FAGE Total 0% yogurt and what I had left of some berries. 

Well, I must get back to some studying before the girls come to pick me up for a much needed sushi lunch date/break!

Have you and a friend ever created a recipe together?

Hope you all have a wonderful day. It’s friday!!

~ L

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